New Office Hours

Starting on September 8, 2015 the office hours of St. Patrick's church will be Monday through Thursday, 9-3pm. Fridays we are closed. Sundays we are opened 9 am-1pm.

Praise and Worship Group

St. Patrick's is looking to form a contemporary praise and worship group. Please contact Fr. Dale at 410-939-2525, ext. 101 to explore this opportunity.


Encountering the Lord


  1. To provide an environment to hear the word of God regarding stories of encounter with Jesus so participants will be led to an encounter with the Lord themselves.
  2. To grow in the appreciation of the Scriptures as a place of encounter with the Lord.


Encountering the Lord

  1. Life encounters Jesus, new beginnings. John 2:1-12. The wedding of Cana is explored with the theme of Bridegroom, God entering into covenant relationship with his people. The abundance of wine points to the new wine of the Holy Spirit that Jesus would pour out through his death and resurrection. Catholic themes explored: covenant relationship as basis of sacrament; wine-Holy Spirit; Jesus as the word made flesh, fullness of grace. The mother of God is explored as one who stands in obedient, expectant faith in the work of her Son.
  2. Life encounters Jesus, restoration. Mk. 2:1-12. The paralyzed man is restored body and soul by Jesus as the God-man, incarnate Love of the Father. Jesus’ ministry was one that came to heal and restore people. The sacraments of anointing and reconciliation are explored. Jesus as fully human, sharing in the joys and sorrows of the human race and Jesus’ divinity –the one who is source of forgiveness is explored.
  3. When love speaks: I thirst. John 19:24-37. Jesus pours out his love to atone for the sins of the human race. The blood and water flowing from his side, symbolic of baptism and Eucharist, becomes the new source of life for the human race. Jesus pours out the Spirit, anticipating Pentecost when his disciples will be filled with a new power and presence of God that flow from the fire of his love at the cross.
  4. How the resurrection changed everything. Mk. 16:1-12. The resurrection, the single most event in history changes everything. St. John Paul II stated that the “church rests on the assumption that Jesus Christ is alive, he is at work in history and changing lives. In this session we will explore how the resurrection changes our life.
  5. Finding real power. John 4:4-26. Power can be for good or evil. It can free and heal or oppress and destroy. We seek power for our life for security and often for control. The woman at the well was seeking power in her life, but in relationships that left her unfree. Jesus offers true power that frees and heals: the Holy Spirit. Pentecost and the experience of the Spirit brings true power into our life: power to love, to grow in holiness, to witness to others.
  6. You will receive power. Acts 1:4-8; 2:1-11. What made the disciples different was the power of Pentecost. They became different men and women. For us today, we can be different Christians who know the reality of Jesus’ risen presence in our life. This comes through the Holy Spirit being released in our life in a new way.


September 24-October 29, 2015. 7-8:30

Teaching: 7:00-7:45

Small group: 7:45-8:15.



Spaghetti Dinner


Rosary for Life

The rosary for life is prayed every second Saturday at 3:15 pm in the church.





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